Hardbass Chapter 20
Herausgeber Polystar
Release-Date 06.08.2010
CDs 2 CD
Tracks 57
Genre Hardstyle
Vorgänger & Nachfolger
Hardbass Chapter 19
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Mixed by Rocco & Bass-T

Nummer Trackname Interpret
01 The Beginning 2.0 Art of Punk
02 Psychedelic Headhunterz
03 Bass, Beat & Melody Reloaded! (Technoboy 2010 Remix) Technoboy vs. Brooklyn Bounce
04 Love, Sadness & Desire Brennan Heart
05 All About Music Bioweapon
06 Put This On Youtube (Wildstylez Remix) Ambassador Inc.
07 Stuck In Ur Head Headhunterz & Wildstylez
08 Live The Moment JDX
09 Seiv Mai Nait Tatact
10 Faces Showtek
11 Mystery Deepack
12 We All Like Dick (Club Mix) Ti-Mo & Jens O.
13 Insurrection (Megara vs. Dj Lee Remix) Tripple Star
14 To The Top Steve Modana
15 Like Your Style Unknown Analoq
16 No Time To Waste Wildstylez
17 System Activated (Original Mix) A-Wak
18 Let It Go (Original Mix) Toneshifterz
19 Autumn Green Josh & Wesz
20 Identity Second Identity
21 B.O.H.I.C.A. Activator & Ricky Raw
22 How Else Can I Say It Bioweapon
23 Just As Easy (Wildstylez & SMD Remix) Brennan Heart
24 Sutra Gostosa & Cybersutra
25 The Power Of Love (Rocco & Bass-T Remix) Ti-Mo & Jens O.
26 Superstar (Massman Remix) Jasper
27 Rock'N'Roll Angels (Justin Corza meets Greg Blast Bootleg Remix) FM Audio
28 Never Talk Again Rocco & Bass-T
29 Summerwave 2010 (Mike Nero Mix) Andy Jay Powell
30 DNA Da Tweekaz
31 Anxiety Wasted Penguinz
32 Till You Believe It Brennan Heart

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Mixed by Fusion Allstars

Nummer Trackname Interpret
01 The Next Level (Original Mix) DV8
02 Cherish (Original Edit) Noisecontrollers & The Pitcher
03 The Darkside Of Emotions (Original Mix) Noisecontrollers
04 Take Me Higher (Original Edit) The Pitcher
05 In Full Effect (Original Edit) Dozer
06 Summer In The City Part I (Decibel 2010 Anthem) Noisecontrollers
07 Origins Of Life (Original Edit) Toneshifterz & Dj Nitrouz
08 Shut Up (Original Edit) Noisecontrollers & The Pitcher
09 Driver (Original Edit) Frequencerz
10 From Scratch (Original Mix) Pavo
11 A Ghost Story (Original Edit) Jack of Sound
12 Faster 'N Further (Original Edit) Noisecontrollers
13 Ver!tas (Zany Edit) A-Lusion
14 In Darkness (Original Edit) Toneshifterz
15 2012 (Original Edit) Donkey Rollers
16 Phaser (Original Edit) Frequencerz
17 Psychedelic Trip (Original Edit) Zany
18 Chemical (Original Edit) B-Front & Slim Shore
19 Strength & Fury (Original Edit) Titan
20 Neophobia (Original Edit) B-Front
21 Face The Enemy (Zany Remix) Brennan Heart
22 Scary Noises (Original Edit) Slim Shore & B-Front
23 Sleepwalker (Original Edit) B-Front
24 Dominator (Slim Shore Edit) Human Resource