Hardbass Chapter 12
Herausgeber Polystar
Release-Date 05.10.2007
CDs 2 CD
Tracks 50
Genre Hardstyle
Vorgänger & Nachfolger
Hardbass Chapter 11
Hardbass Chapter 13

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Mixed by Rocco & Bass-T

Nummer Trackname Interpret
01 Hardbass Chapter 12 Intro Rocco & Bass-T
02 Her Voice (Super Bass Mix) Builder
03 Can't hold us down Deepack & C. Lownoise
04 You Know Pimp! Code
05 The Last Time Binum
06 The 7th Sign Grandmaster Q
07 Zombie (Hardstomper aka DJ Patrick RMX) Andrew S. & The Vamprockerz
08 Vita Technoboy
09 Raving with the Best Rave Allstars
10 Tell me when (Pimp! Code Remix) Rocco & Bass-T
11 24 Hours Kian Keen
12 Rock Civillization Headhunterz
13 Braincrackin Showtek
14 Get Wasted (Brennan Heart vs. JDX Mix) Brennan Heart
15 Dirty Games (Original Jump Mix) Black & White
16 Ritmo De La Noche (Rocco & Bass-T's Jump Mix) Nimbus
17 Aliens Noisecontrollers
18 Scar Ur Face The Prophet ft. Headhunterz
19 I get Loud Mixx N-Traxx vs. Crystal Age
20 Stormy Crowd (Jumper Mix) Ziggy X
21 Space (Rocco & Bass-T's Bootleg Mix) Micha Moor
22 Lost (Gollum & Yanny Mix) A1 Project
23 Dark Angel (Hardstyle Mix) Blutonium Boy
24 Stampuhh!! (Beholder & Max Enforcer Remix) The Prophet vs. Deepack
25 House of House (Coone Remix) D & G
26 Somewhere over the Rainbow (Axel Coon Rmx) Naksi vs. Brunner vs. Marcie
27 The Jõgermeister Effekt Max B. Grant vs. Djanny
28 Early Soundz Showtek
29 You wanted Love 2 Vibez
30 Beautiful People Point Blanc

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Mixed by Showtek feat. MC DV8

Nummer Trackname Interpret
01 Intro Showtek feat. MC DV8
02 Seid ihr Bereid 2007 Showtek
03 Trippp! Southstylers
04 Marlboro Man Noisecontrollers
05 Tekno Music DJ Pavo
06 Rev!val X (Showtek Remix) Brennan Heart
07 A Feeling The Raiders
08 Fever Zany & MC DV8
09 Don't get Back (DJ Isaac Mix) Lowriders
10 Lala Song Zushi
11 Born 4 Thiz Showtek
12 New World The Pitcher
13 One Night in Paris Deepack
14 F.M.W. (Straight in the Ass Mix) Brainkicker
15 Rockin' Steady (Deepack Mix) Showtek
16 Shout Out (Donkey Rollers Remix) Showtek
17 We go Party Dutch Master
18 Crump Noisecontrollers
19 I get Loud Mixx N-Traxx vs. Crystal Age
20 FTS (Hard Mix) Showtek